A SIMPLE System to Increase your Productivity by 100%

If you often feel overworked (and overwhelmed!) while running your business, then it’s probably because you’re not 
using SIMPLE techniques to be more efficient with your time.

And if that’s YOU then there’s a good chance that you might be making one of these huge business-killing mistakes

  1. You have NO concrete start and stop time to your day (To anyone who’s running a business that is set around your clients schedule, I am talking to you too) which means; you ALWAYS feel like you are working (hmmmm, “no thank you”!).
  2. You are starting your day DIFFERENTLY each and every day, which means no success and productivity habits are happening.
  3. You plan your day on the SAME DAY (there is more to this time killing mistake than you think).

Does any of this sound familiar?

I thought so. The good news is that successfully running your business, really doesn’t have to be this hard and there IS a (much) easier way…

Step 1: The first step is to design a “Lifestyle Plan and Workstyle Plan” for you and your business.

This is where you figure out what your ultimate LIFESTYLE looks like and then design a WORKSTYLE to support this, rather than ending up with a lifestyle that supports your business.

Here are some quick questions for you to answer:

  • What does your DREAM LIFESTYLE look like? Be really specific.
    What would this BE and LOOK LIKE  for YOU?
  • When living your DREAM LIFESTYLE, how many hours would you like to spend on your business each day/week/month?

Now that we have a really clear idea on how much time you would ideally like to spend in your business, we can now start to DESIGN a Workstyle that provides this.

Step 2: Design your “PRODUCTIVITY POWERHOUSE Map” to support the LIFESTYLE and WORKSTYLE that you truly crave.

Too many people do this step upside down and back to front.
They design their business first, and then are left scratching their heads 6 months later when they’re living a life that’s encompasses extra long hours, wearing multiple hats, bringing work home, working all week days, all week ends and functioning on the brink of burnout….

Wouldn’t you rather design the lifestyle you truly WANT, balanced with work and personal time rather than ending up with the one that you’re given by default?

Yeah, I thought so.

Next, we need to design our day so that;

  • We only focus on the tasks that will get us the BIGGEST RESULTS and PROFITS.
  • We get to enjoy lots of time off AND get more done at the same time. (yes this is possible).
  • We get to INCREASE our productivity and say good bye to overwhelm.

First, you want to learn how to identify and focus on the tasks that get you the biggest and most profitable results, then you want to make sure you have lots of time off BUT accomplish more. Last, you then want to say bye bye to the feeling of overwhelm and have your productivity in crease by 100%.

If you get these priorities jumbled up you’ll end up feeling exhausted, overworked and on the brink of burnout.

Let me tell you this. Working in your business, rather – living in your business, without a clear start and stop time is probably the WORST thing you could do if you’re trying to achieve the 3 objectives above!

For a start, working tirelessly and endlessly in your business often SLOWS DOWN your production and productivity because it gets you working at a mediocre pace with no urgency before your end time. Because there is no end time, at least no concrete one.

It keeps you stuck in creating and living a belief that; if you want more, you’ll have to work more. Meaning you’ll never have the “true” life and work balance that you crave.

And in your mind you’re saying; one day when the business can run without me I will take off all of the time that I have been meaning to, rather than realizing that one day is NO DAY and NEVER, which means you’ll always be over-worked.

But you knew this already, right?

So I think it’s fair to say that we can forget about working days on end if you want to hit the key objectives above…

The simple solution is to create a “Productivity Powerhouse Mindset, Habits And Plan”.

  • Instead of working all hours of the day and night,  you now have INTENTIONAL success and productivity systems, routines and  habits in place; set start and end time to your day.  You set your limits and stick to them.
  • Instead of setting your schedule around your clients, you now take back FULL CONTROL of your time, access to you and you now have your clients knocking at your business door.
  • Instead of being overwhelmed, you’re now spending a set maximum hours a week (up to half of what you are currently working) working, all while INCREASING your productivity 100% and working less.


In short, you become FOCUSED, IMPACTFUL, get more TIME OFF, and increase your PRODUCTIVITY 10 fold.

Now let’s see what’s possible when you really pull this all together:

  • How many hours per week do you currently work?
    (Be honest with yourself)
  • How many hours per week would you ideally like to be working?

Let’s say that you cut your work hours in half (yes in half!), do you believe you would get more or less work done?

Contrary to what you are trained to believe, you COULD get more done if you had the proper systems, structures and routines in place. With our proprietary system you could get the right work completed if not more, and completed in half the hours that you currently work.

You would start by creating a schedule where you had full control of your time – I mean every working minute.

You would identify and be clear on your P.W.T (Peak Working Time), and the top task and duties that lead to the biggest profits in your business.

If you worked on accomplishing those tasks during set work hours in a laser focused manner, your time commitment of actual “work” is half of what it used to be.

Now let’s apply this to YOUR business.

Let’s say that you currently work 60 hours per week, and your ideal WORKSTYLE hours are 35 hours per week.

If you were super productive and working these shorter hours month after month after month, you could breathe, enjoy your business, have time off, enjoy more quality time with loved ones, go on vacations (plural), or buy a yacht and sail throughout Europe (this one’s from my list!)… your Ideal Workstyle could be anything YOU want it to be… And let’s say you work it all out and it happens for you – what is it worth in your life?

When you do this next exercise, keep the above question in the back of your mind.

=> First, let’s take the amount of hours that you currently work per day and make a note of all of the tasks that you do during that time period.
=> Now let’s look at the list and identify all your tasks that directly link to building your business – I mean those “tasks” with a capital T that lead directly to results and revenue. The Essentials list.
=> Now let’s look at the list and identify all your tasks that don’t directly link to building your business. The Non-Essentials list.
You should be left with two groups.

Makes sense so far? Perfect!

Now that you have identified these two groups let’s further prioritize what the big hitters are; I define big hitters as what needs to stay and what needs to go.

=> Let’s start with the NON-ESSENTIALS; they are the time consumers, time killers and productivity kryptonite. They need to be delegated, consolidated, outsourced, delayed or just plain out eliminated and removed from your daily schedule. But there is one very important caveat to this continue on below.

=> For those tasks that you must do everyday (check email, payroll, cashing out etc.), batch them together and dedicate batch times during your day to complete them and DO NOT look at them, touch them, peep at them unless it is that batch time.

=> Now with your Essentials list, I want you to really get to the crux of what builds you and your business.  Take a look at this list and answer this one question:

If you had to choose (and I’m asking you to choose) the top 3 tasks that give you the biggest results in your business, what would they be, and WHY?

After you have answered the why, answer this next question:
What would it be like if you focused on performing these three task each and every day all day long? What would your business be like? What would your life be like?

The intention is to have you develop the right habits so you only focus on those activities and tasks that have you experiencing what you wrote above.

Essentially, you use your WHAT to remind you WHY you are doing what you are doing. ( a mouthful I know)

Step 3: Now it’s time to build a Productivity Mindset, so that you can be INTENTIONAL about what you do and more important make it happen – CONSISTENTLY.

Now, the hard part is not what I have shared above. It’s in the actual doing and consistently doing that is the hard part. This is where the development of a success and a productivity mindset comes in.

Acknowledging, Owning and Eliminating the habits that have gotten you to this point and adopting new success and a productivity rituals and habits we share in our proprietary system.

In our business and my clients businesses we know that no matter how many skills, experience or degrees we do or don’t have, you cannot accomplish anything to its fullest extent without the right mindset.

We use our Proprietary Maximizing you Model.

We apply it to our current thought patterns and habits, eliminate them and replace them to increase our productivity, focus and ability to follow through consistently.

There IS a fair amount of starting and restarting when re-creating and reconditioning your mind patterns and creating new neuro-pathways for your success in these areas of extreme focus and productivity. But, once you’ve dialed in to it, it moves from being a thought out intentional conscious behavior, to a subconscious habit you will start to run on autopilot.

What you speak and what you think is what you create in to your workday. If you start out your day anxious, your will only see everything in your day that you perceive makes you anxious to support your mindset.

As an example, we might spend a concentrated duration of time working on your language and your thought patterns.

The result? Every day starts off productive and ends off productive, and it happens daily like clockwork no matter what.
If you’re NOT in control of your mindset, then business can often feel like the most pressurized thing in the world.

I know, I’ve been there!

BUT (and it’s a big “BUT) once you develop the ability to be able to operate with the utmost focus and ability to be super productive… well… let’s just say that it’s a GAME CHANGER for the better and you’ll never look back!

Not bad right?

Want shorter less busy days? No problem! Just increase your ability to get more done in less time, only focus on the ESSENTIALS, or design a work week by choice and stick to it. So here’s my final question.

What’s stopping YOU from doing it?

We’ve helped clients all over the world build a SYSTEM just like this one.

Would you like our help to increase your “Productivity by 100%” like this in your business too?

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